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After more than 25 years of experience collaborating with other sailmakers, in 2019 we created Optima Sails. All this experience accumulated over so many years allows us to accompany you on the path of choosing new sails for your boat. Whether it's to get to the next beacon first, or to reach that cove with crystal clear waters, we have the sails your boat needs.

Our slogan  #CleverSailmaking  accurately sums up our philosophy. The best materials, exceptional design and first-class finishes, at a fair price. Without foolishnesses.

At Optima Sails we know how to navigate and we understand boats. Whether it is to make your next sails, change the rigging, or install any maneuvering element, you can count on us.

Innovation and tradition in each candle

Trust us to equip your boat with the best. With Optima Sails, each trip to sea becomes an adventure where quality, experience and passion come together to guarantee memorable sailings. Sail with us and feel the difference.

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