Our candles are manufactured following strict quality criteria.
It all starts with honest advice. Our extensive experience will help us choose with you the appropriate material, the ideal cut and the type of finishes that your boat and your navigation program require.

Once the sail has been chosen and the quote accepted, we go to your boat to take all the necessary rigging measurements. With the characteristics of the sail and all the measurements, our designer gets to work to create the design that best suits the specified sail.

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How we produce them

Our sails are manufactured in one of the most advanced sail lofts in the world. Under strict quality control that ranges from the verification of the material, its cutting, and the assembly of the panels that form the sail, to finishes where total attention is paid to the details.
We offer specific finishes for offshore navigation, Grand Prix, even for multihulls, which require special characteristics.
We design and manufacture custom sails for cruising, regatta, classic and dinghy sailing boats.
We also think that it is very important to be able to provide repair or modification services to our sails. For this we have agreements with sailing workshops spread throughout Spain.
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